Shopping for Antiques in Normandy

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ANTIQUE SHOPPING in NORMANDY.    Markets, Shops, Tours.Antique shopping chairs 3auction

  1. Markets in Calvados:

Check out the & sites. (We are on the border of the Calvados & Orne Departments, so worth checking both):

  1. Shops in the Orne.

For a list , visit  either  yelp or angloinfo.

  1. Shops in Calvados

Another option is to check out the depôt-ventes such as:

depot-vente is a sale warehouse/outlet where locals can take their items and the shop will either buy them outright for resale or sell them to the general public on their behalf for a 35% commission.Antiques shhopping 1a


    A charming website about Normandy by some dedicated British expats with esp. helpful information on markets:

  1. Absolute High End – Bespoke Tours.


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