Church Services in Normandy

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Church Services in Normandy

in English are few and far between I’m afraid.

The whole list is at:

The only ones reasonably close to the Haras du Gazon would be Sunday afternoon:

Most churches in France are Catholic and all sizeable towns would have a Sunday morning Mass in French.

Catholic Church services near the Haras du Gazon (in French):  Visit this website for times & location map links:


Église de la Trinité – 14700 FALAISE     (15 minute drive from us)    Eglise à proximité immédiate du château médiéval  10 :30 messe dominicale ( Sunday Mass)
telephone:    Place Guillaume le Conquérant, 9 rue Rollon,  14700 FALAISE, France          


Notre Dame de Guibray

Paroisse : Sainte Thérèse en Pays de Falaise

14700 FALAISE (15 km)   Summer Baroque Organ festival :


Sainte Thérèse

Paroisse : Bienheureux François Jamet des Vallées

14690 PONT D’OUILLY (17 km)



Paroisse : Notre Dame du Houlme

61100 LES TOURAILLES (12 km)


Nativité Notre Dame

Paroisse : Sainte Thérèse en Pays de Falaise

14700 VIGNATS (14 km)


One unique option would be the 10 am  Sunday Mass ( in French & Latin) in the Saint ETIENNE church within the Abbaye des Hommes in Caen. This is William the Conquerors church (ie 1000 years old!) There are Gregorian chants at this service.

10h00 –Abbatiale Saint-Etienne (Abbaye-aux-hommes) Paroisse : Saint François de Sales (Saint-Etienne)

14000 CAEN

messe en grégorien et polyphonie  St Etienne Caen     Abbaye des hommes



You might consider taking the train into Paris for the day where there are several English language church services on Sundays.

Typical Sunday train services Argentan to Paris (pleasant,direct, 2 hr journey): 06:35 to 08:35, 08:16 to 10:06, 10:17 to 12:05, and 15:16 to 17:05

Return Paris to Argentan: 16:55 to 18:45, 19:55 to 21:46     Mass at 10am, 12midday & 6:30pm  Sundays- translations 11:00am, 18:00   Mass at 11:30 every Sunday except for August  Eucharist/Communion every Sunday 10:30

Mormon chapel – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity International Church, Paris : 15:30 Sundays

Jehovahs Witness:



Caen synagogue, built in 1966 principally with funds from the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

Synagogue de Caen, construite en 1966 au 46 avenue de la Libération grâce aux fonds de l’American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

Association Cultuelle Israelite de Caen et sa Region -Caen – Synagogue

46, Avenue de la Liberation, BP 80103
14008 Caen Cedex 1, France
Phone: 02-31-43-60-54
Email: contact form 


Mosques (& Halal locations) Caen




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